Refuge | 11in x 14in | Oil and acrylic on canvas board. 
Refuge was the only painting in this series that began with a reference image as inspiration. The image I used was a blurry photograph of some leaves, and I was inspired by the color and shape of the leaves out of focus. However, Refuge later departed dramatically from the reference image. As I worked on Refuge, I was thinking a lot about the Garden of Eden, storing our treasure in heaven, and how in Revelation it talks about God’s throne having a rainbow like an emerald around it. When praying about the name, the Lord brought the word “refuge” to mind and after looking it up in scripture I found it is used over 80 times in the Bible usually in the context of, “the Lord is our refuge” or to “take refuge in Him.” This word and image of God being a place of safety, peace, and rest was a sweet comfort to me in this season.